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Cheddar Life did a brief interview with Phillip, in which he talked about Major Crimes and his role as Buzz Watson, as well as his previous career as a flight attendant for Pan Am. Check out the video below.

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Attention #BuzzFans! We have exciting news for you. We are proud to announce that Phillip Keene will be doing a Q&A for his fans!

To participate you only have to submit your questions in one of three ways.

1) In the comments of this post.

2) You can submit your questions to us on Twitter @getbuzzedpknet

3) You can comment on the post on our Facebook site

4) You can email your questions to

There is plenty of time to submit your questions. You have until October 1, 2016 to get them to us. Your questions will sent to Phillip and we will post his responses here, and on our main site

We are so excited about this! So have fun, everyone, and we look forward to hearing from all of you!

TNT posted a deleted scene from last night’s episode. Check it out!

BuzzFans –

Here is the last installment of “The Long Shadow” in which the person who killed Buzz’s father and uncle is finally brought to justice. The question is if the result is actually what Buzz had hoped for.

BuzzFans –

We added screencaps of episode 5×13 – “White Lies Part 3” to our gallery! If you have not watched this episode, please keep in mind that the caps might spoil certain plot points for you!

BuzzFans –

Once again, James Duff shared his thoughts about tonight’s episode of Major Crimes with us in his Facebook Blog. It promises to be another intense episode, sending us all off into the rather long hiatus.

I promise solutions to all mysteries, including Buzz’s summer long investigation into the unlawful killing of his father and uncle, the disposition of Sanchez’s foster child, Mark, plus an exclamation point to Sharon and Andy’s relationship (that will affect their new living arrangements) in the very last frames of the episode as we fade to black.

Check out the complete blog post on the Major Crimes Facebook page!

The stills for the summer finale, episode 5×13 “White Lies Part 3” have been added to the gallery! Enjoy!

TNT released the promo for next week’s summer finale, the third part of “White Lies” and, as expected, it looks absolutely exciting.

BuzzFans –

We added screencaps of episode 5×12 – “White Lies Part 2” to our gallery!

Buzz gets even closer to the person who shot and killed his father and uncle, but is putting that person behind bars really what he wants in the end? Watch this week’s “Identity” to find out.

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