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“White Lies – Part 2” – Monday, Sept. 12, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

The Major Crimes unit continues to investigate the conspiracy behind Dwight Darnell’s murders and his links to the Zyklon-Brotherhood. Sharon Raydor, disturbed by her own reactions to the case, seeks penance in the Ritual of Confession.

Directed by Sheelin Choksey
Written by Damani Johnson
Created by James Duff

Hey BuzzFans,

We added stills of episode 5×10 – “Dead Zone” to the gallery.

BuzzFans –

We added screencaps of episode 5×09 – “Family Law” to our gallery! Enjoy!

In this week’s blog entry, James Duff once again gives us a little look inside the most recent episode.

Three things I have left to tell you. First, the aftermath of Rusty and Sharon’s confrontation will play out on Identity, the web series that accompanies Major Crimes. You can watch this particular episode of Identity (which has been dedicated to the finer details of Buzz’s investigation into the long ago murders of his father and uncle) with absolutely no knowledge of what came before, and it’s a one take wonder with both Phillip P. Keene and Graham Patrick Martin working at their very best.

Read the entire blog entry here.

The synopsis for episode 11 of season 5 is out. That’s going to be the first part of this summer’s three part finale.

“White Lies – Part 1” – Monday, September 5, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

In attempting to clear up lose ends from their investigation of a gang of White Supremacists, Major Crimes detectives audit the trial of serial killer Dwight Darnell, and end up facing their most deadly case ever while Rusty’s psychologist, Dr. Joe, faces an unexpected confrontation that leaves his life in jeopardy.

Directed by Michael M. Robin
Written by James Duff
Created by James Duff

BuzzFans –

Stills of episode 5×09 – “Family Law” have been added to the gallery.

Watch the trailer for next week’s episode of Major Crimes and see what’s in store for us! Looks like another great one. What do you guys think Mrs. Tao will have to say about Lieutenant Mike’s evening plans?

BuzzFans –

We added screencaps of episode 5×08 – “Off The Wagon” to our gallery! Go forth and enjoy the Buzz!

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