Get Buzzed – Phillip Keene Fans

Paulette Cohn of did an exclusive interview with Phillip, in which they talked about Major Crimes, his character Buzz Watson, and more.

There was that moment when Sanchez returned and everybody was really happy to see him, but you could see Buzz, and he too was happy for Sanchez, but he pushed his badge aside and viewers could see his disappointment. What was he feeling?

Of course, he was glad to see that Sanchez was back, but at the same time, he realized that he had to go back to his old life of being a reserve officer and no longer being a reserve detective.  I think it triggered some thoughts in his mind. I don’t think he is satisfied being in that position any longer, having had a taste of what it was like to really be out in the field and working hand in hand with his colleagues on a different level. So in that moment, he really decided that something needed to change or his life was just going to be not as fulfilling as he wanted it to be.

You can check out the complete interview here >



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