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Paulette Cohn of did an exclusive interview with Phillip, in which they talked about Major Crimes, his character Buzz Watson, and more. There was that moment when Sanchez returned and everybody was really happy to see him, but you could see Buzz, and he too was happy for Sanchez, but he pushed his badge […]

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Phillip was interviewed for the “Featured People” section of the October 29 issue of Gladys Magazine. He talked about Major Crimes, his dream job, his holiday plans and much more. What is your dream project? First, like every other actor with a pulse, I would love to do a scene with Meryl Streep! But, truthfully, […]

Zoe Hewitt visited the set of Major Crimes and was invited into Phillip’s trailer for a chat about the actor’s home away from home. Check out her YouTube Channel for more Major Crimes goodies, too!

CarterMatt’s interview with Phillip Keene touches on the development of his character on Major Crimes, a possible future for the show, and more. You’ve seen Buzz develop and grow a lot – it’s been a really cool run for him. When you think about where he was when you first met him to where he […]

Jill Monroe of AfterBuzz TV caught Phillip on the red carpet of Major Crimes’ 100 episodes party. They chatted about the development of his character on Major Crimes, what he cherishes most about the 13 years he worked on Major Crimes and The Closer, as well as his future plans.  

Gregg Goldstein wrote a beautiful piece about Phillip and his and James’ house, which was published in the September 18 issue of Closer.

Phillip did an interview with Zimbo. They talked about Pan Am, Major Crimes, and what might be in Buzz’s future. Zimbio: But for now, what’s in Buzz’s future? PK: For so long, his driving force was figuring out who killed his father. Now that that’s been accomplished, I think he’s searching for purpose. Maybe now […]

Zoe Hewitt met with Phillip Keene and Kearran Giovanni to talk about Pan Am, party planning, and Major Crimes.    

BuzzFans – The second half of season 5 will start tomorrow. In anticipation of that, Frank Moran spoke to Phillip about his life before he became an actor, his experience on The Closer, and the upcoming episodes of Major Crimes.