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Phillip did an interview with Zimbo. They talked about Pan Am, Major Crimes, and what might be in Buzz’s future. Zimbio: But for now, what’s in Buzz’s future? PK: For so long, his driving force was figuring out who killed his father. Now that that’s been accomplished, I think he’s searching for purpose. Maybe now […]

Zoe Hewitt met with Phillip Keene and Kearran Giovanni to talk about Pan Am, party planning, and Major Crimes.    

BuzzFans – The second half of season 5 will start tomorrow. In anticipation of that, Frank Moran spoke to Phillip about his life before he became an actor, his experience on The Closer, and the upcoming episodes of Major Crimes.

Cheddar Life did a brief interview with Phillip, in which he talked about Major Crimes and his role as Buzz Watson, as well as his previous career as a flight attendant for Pan Am. Check out the video below.

We often see their reporters play small parts on the show, and we regularly see members of the Major Crimes cast drop by their studio for an appearance on the KTLA Morning Show. They definitely have a special relationship. Recently, they visited the Major Crimes set for a day to speak to the cast. Check […]

Lisa Steinberg of Starry Constellation Magazine spoke with Phillip Keene about Major Crimes and his role as Buzz. Q) I feel like Buzz has a story that we haven’t learned about him and he tells it through his facial expressions at times. There are certain characters that can tell story through their facial expressions. A) […]

This week, Major Crimes creator James Duff was joined by Phillip Keene for the weekly Facebook Live Q&A. They talked about the show and answered fan questions. Check out the video of their chat below.

Zoe Hewitt sat down with Phillip Keene to talk about Major Crimes, The Sunshine Kids, Pan Am, the Pan Am Museum Foundation, and much more.

Mystery Playground spoke to Phillip Keene about Major Crimes, his character and its development over the years, his interests outside of work, and much more. This season Buzz has really ramped up the search for the person who killed his father and uncle. […] Is he fearful of what he might find? […] From getting […]

Phillip was on KBIA’s “This Comedian’s Life” podcast and talked to Steve Dawson about Major Crimes, his role as Buzz, his experiences on set, his time with Pan Am, and his work for the Pan Am Museum Foundation. Check out the podcast here > This Comedian’s Life