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CarterMatt’s interview with Phillip Keene touches on the development of his character on Major Crimes, a possible future for the show, and more. You’ve seen Buzz develop and grow a lot – it’s been a really cool run for him. When you think about where he was when you first met him to where he […]

Jill Monroe of AfterBuzz TV caught Phillip on the red carpet of Major Crimes’ 100 episodes party. They chatted about the development of his character on Major Crimes, what he cherishes most about the 13 years he worked on Major Crimes and The Closer, as well as his future plans.  

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Despite the sad news that the upcoming sixth season of Major Crimes will be the last, we still have thirteen fantastic episodes to look forward to. Let’s make sure we all turn up and give this wonderful show and its cast and crew the sendoff they deserve. If we make TNT weep when they look […]

We wish that we were coming to you with better news, but sadly, we are not. Season 6 of Major Crimes will be the last. TNT has opted to cancel its number one scripted program. More details can be found on TVWise. Show creator James Duff shared the following message on Facebook earlier: I’m directing […]

It is almost time for the sixth season of Major Crimes to air! TNT published stills for the first two episodes of the first five-episode arch “Sanctuary City” today, so go check them out! Official synopsis Sanctuary City Part 1: When three fifteen-year-old boys vanish from a Catholic school field trip, new Asst. Chief Mason […]

TNT finally set a premiere date for Major Crimes’ 6th season. Make sure you go trick or treating early on Halloween, because at 9 pm EST our favorite crime solving team will be back. So mark your calendars, book time off work, and set a reminder to unplug your phone – on Tuesday, October 31 […]

Buzz Fans – Phillip is featured in the June 2017 issue of New Orleans Living. Christine Fontana talked to him about Major Crimes, Phillip’s career prior to the show, his passion for everything Pan Am, and much more. If you are able to find it in a store near you, make sure to get a […]

Screencaptures of episode 5×21 “Shockwave Part 2” are now available in the gallery. Take a look and enjoy! Television > Major Crimes > Screencaps > 5×21 – Shockwave Part 2

Screencaps for episodes 5×17 – Dead Drop, 5×18 – Bad Blood, 5×19 – Intersection, and 5×20 – Shockwave Part 1 have been added to the gallery. Check them out! Television > Major Crimes > Screencaps > 5×17 – Dead Drop Television > Major Crimes > Screencaps > 5×18 – Bad Blood Television > Major Crimes […]

Hi BuzzFans! Sorry for the long absence, but life has been busy lately. That’s why you’re now getting a hole bunch of pretty pictures all at once. First, we have episode stills for 5×18 – Bad Blood, 5×19 – Intersection, and 5×21 – Shockwave Part 2. Television > Major Crimes > Stills > 5×18 – […]