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We have added screencaptures of episode 6×03 “Sanctuary City Part 3” to the gallery. Take a look and enjoy!

Screencaptures of episode 6×02 “Sanctuary City Part 2” are now available in the gallery. Take a look and enjoy!

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Phillip was interviewed for the “Featured People” section of the October 29 issue of Gladys Magazine. He talked about Major Crimes, his dream job, his holiday plans and much more.

What is your dream project?

First, like every other actor with a pulse, I would love to do a scene with Meryl Streep! But, truthfully, my dream project is living a fulfilling life. I know that’s not the answer people probably want from me, but it’s the truth. I want to feel like my actions matter. I want to know I tried to do the best I could with every opportunity. Life is my dream project and my goal is to live it as well as possible.

You can find the complete interview here > Gladys Magazine

Screencaptures of episode 6×01 “Sanctuary City Part 1” are now available in the gallery. Take a look and enjoy!

Zoe Hewitt visited the set of Major Crimes and was invited into Phillip’s trailer for a chat about the actor’s home away from home. Check out her YouTube Channel for more Major Crimes goodies, too!

CarterMatt’s interview with Phillip Keene touches on the development of his character on Major Crimes, a possible future for the show, and more.

You’ve seen Buzz develop and grow a lot – it’s been a really cool run for him. When you think about where he was when you first met him to where he is now, what are you the most proud of?

I’m very proud of the character – he has pursued his dreams and he’s achieved them. He wanted to become an officer from the get-go and there were some things in his way. He really put a lot of work into this and he was able to achieve his goals.

You can find the complete interview here > CarterMatt

We updated the gallery with photos from Phillip’s various public appearances in 2017. Go check them out!

Jill Monroe of AfterBuzz TV caught Phillip on the red carpet of Major Crimes’ 100 episodes party. They chatted about the development of his character on Major Crimes, what he cherishes most about the 13 years he worked on Major Crimes and The Closer, as well as his future plans.


Gregg Goldstein wrote a beautiful piece about Phillip and his and James’ house, which was published in the September 18 issue of Closer.

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Despite the sad news that the upcoming sixth season of Major Crimes will be the last, we still have thirteen fantastic episodes to look forward to. Let’s make sure we all turn up and give this wonderful show and its cast and crew the sendoff they deserve. If we make TNT weep when they look at the amazing ratings, that would be a pleasant side effect.

Here is a new promo for what’s in store for us starting Tuesday, October 31 at 9/8c:

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